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Become a Project, Programme & Portfolio Governance Professional

The P3GP ® (Project, Programme & Portfolio Governance Professional) certification is the first of its kind and is the only recognized qualification for project, programme and portfolio governance worldwide.

About P3GP Certification

P3GP certification provides theory, principles and practical advice on how to review, design, implement and maintain decision making frameworks that enable optimization of an organization's investment in change – the projects and programs that make up its portfolio.

It explains how to establish an effective governance framework for a project or a program. It also explains how to identify governance issues in a project, program or organisation and how to assess existing P3G frameworks. It also addresses portfolio governance and the integration of governance at all levels in the organization.

To become certified and earn the P3GP post-nominal, candidates must pass an online proctored exam administered by the P3G Qualification Authority (P3GQA).

Target Audience

P3GP concepts apply to any organization that invests in change:

  • For-profit companies and corporations

  • Not-for-profit organizations

  • Federal, provincial and municipal governments

This course benefits:

  • Board members and others who are responsible for governance

  • Executive management

  • Assurance professionals and capability assessors

  • Project, program and portfolio managers

  • Executives accountable for project and program outcomes

  • Project sponsors and senior responsible owners

  • Project sponsor and SRO delegates

  • Project, program and portfolio management office (PMO) staff

  • Those wishing to train others in P3 governance

Key Takeaways

You will learn the theory and key principles of P3G and how to apply them in practice.

You will understand:

  • Why we use different governance structures for change vs. business as usual, and why we must treat them differently.

  • The importance and application of accountability and empowerment within P3G.

  • The accountabilities and major responsibilities of key governance roles.

  • How to effectively separate project decision making and stakeholder management, and why this is critical.

  • How governance aligns investments with strategic objectives.

  • The importance of the initiative's business case from a P3G perspective.

  • How portfolio governance drives investment outcomes.

  • How to ensure the decision rights of stakeholders, committees and decision makers are consistent and logical.

  • The information requirements that support evidence-based decision making.

About Barracuda

Barracuda Consulting Corporation is authorized as a training organization by the P3GQA and our courses are taught by Authorized Trainers who have been trained and vetted by the P3GQA. Our experienced instructors specialize in P3G training.


There are no prerequisites required to join this course.  A high-level understanding of projects and oversight will be advantageous. It helps to read the guidebook in advance.

The Exam

The P3GP exam is 50 multiple choice questions covering the topics addressed by the course and the guidebook. The exam duration is 90 minutes.

The exam is online & proctored. The pass threshold is a score of at least 50% for P3GP candidates and at least 66% for aspiring Authorized Trainers.

The exam is optional if you only want the knowledge and aren't concerned with earning the P3GP professional designation.

The Guide

It is a practitioner’s guide and takes a practical approach. It is principles-based, allowing organizations and practitioners the flexibility to address their specific circumstances.


The principles are grounded in logic and practice and the guide explains both how and why they are applied. They scale from the smallest to the largest initiatives.


It explains the critical importance of accountability and how to ensure consistency of decision making rights between the accountable roles.

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